Reviews for "A Medieval Theme"

Y'know, ever since I decided to check out your tracks, I've certainly not regretted it once. You have excellent music and talent and I thoroughly enjoy listening to your tracks! This one is no exception! I think your client will be well pleased. ^.^

Keep it up! :D

steampianist responds:

Thank you so much and im glad I did not disappoint hehe

I have an extremely difficult time describing how good your songs are. I'll just say that this was amazing and made me feel very happy after having a bad day.
I usually don't care for newgrounds games, but I will play the game just to hear your song in it!

steampianist responds:

the game is still in the demo stage (and im not sure if he is going to upload it here if its done) if you want you can test it for bugs and glitches just check the link that leads to the DA of the author

I love it, thank you for the song

Great piece of music
Thank you very much

I love this. It perfectly fits for a medieval theme!