Reviews for "You MIGHT Get Nervous 2"

Very eccentric, made me use both sides of my brain

I love how simplistic it is, but it just works.
It got hectic and did cause me to have mini-handcramps on my laptop, but that's more of the fun! :P
I couldn't enjoy it more if it was any different.

awsome game

very good game I really like the multitasking . May this game be the new tetris?

Whoa, man

This is really cool! I like the music and the multitasking thing. I'm not too coordinated myself, but this was fun. Maybe a flashy background would aid in increased concentration needed ( aka it would aid in throwing people off >:D). Great job!

Good Idea!

Like how it gets more complex as you play. Actually trains your multitasking skills :)

This i feel