Reviews for "You MIGHT Get Nervous 2"

Multitask games are the best.

could of had more options or something though. was pretty short.

Very addicting!

I found this to be a fun game, and it really reminded me of that multitask game I played a while back. It's definitely almost impossible to play with a laptop and trackpad, but even so, what I played of the game was simple and fun.

As a note, the music sounds like the one that jmtb02 used in "Epic Combo". It might have just been the same person making the music, though

It got hard

If this game had any weakness, it would be that it could have used a background. I had trouble figuring out exactly what I had to do in beating this. I touched the blue things but I kept dying anyway, so I then figured out I had to touch every single blue thing. It is a good way to get people motivated to play by unlocking the next mode like that. This seems like it could have been made by someone like Danny Miller (KiggD). It is always funny to see the smallest fractions of the seconds on the clock go up like crazy.

nice game

pretty fun, very addicting.


It should support a laptop control scheme, otherwise great game....i did get nervouse