Reviews for "[Visible] III"

I agree with everyone

really good game but... i hated the controls, you tap d and you go shooting off, just way to touchy for me, i think half of the games difficulty is trying not to run into things cause of the controls so i lowered the score on this game 4/5


Presented by OurWorld? Man, I used to play that game ages ago, when it ifrst arrived! lol

Not bad, was fun but it doesn't save so that's -2 stars!
Also the medal descriptions are too cryptic, don't get the most :(
Pm if you know some

AethosGames responds:

Actually, the game autosaves after every campaign level. It doesnt save during gauntlet mode because it's designed to go all at once. Otherwise it's not a gauntlet.


the best

AethosGames responds:

Making multiple accounts to vote is against the NG rules.

Sam Fisher, if you will accept this third 2D mission you will encounter an mirror-like floor, which will be useful in showing some obstacles you normally wouldnt see. Due to its glassy surface it is slippery and therefore may be challening to time your movements and stunts. With sliding the walls and the ceiling and your stealth power you're the American Ninja! Moving sleeky and sneaky, with wonderful detailed death scenes (my fav: burn to ashes, seeing your skeleton wave you a good bye), so you love to die. You may want to switch the music of to intensify the sneak experience. If you get caught, the NG will deny you ever existed. A intense enjoyable 15 level mission with harder bonus levels. Its a sneak game with a mirror twist. Good luck Sam.

AethosGames responds:

Wow, people still play this game?