Reviews for "[Visible] III"


The game-style is really good and the art is amazing too! Music was a bit too loopy, but that didn't bother me. I got addicted really early! (doesn't happen that often).
I first began to play this game for the medals, but now I replay the levels just for fun! Even got the 'flawless infiltration' medal and it was really fun, not annoying as some games are!
Overall - Thank you for this, this is certainly one of my favorite flash games now!

AethosGames responds:



Really good game, I played all the other episodes before starting this to get the medals and all were excellent, I'm sorry that this is the last chapter of the trilogy, however I await your other games! :)
PS: the graphics are incredible!

AethosGames responds:

Thanks! (:


why the hell is a fire trap in an exit?????

AethosGames responds:

To make you cry


great game awesome sauce with bombs on top

AethosGames responds:

what he said ^^^

Medals are working

Great game, I've played it before, replaying for medals.

One medal paused for a while, Engage. After a few minutes I checked again and it appeared. Probably server lag on NG's part?

How do I get Nine Lives, Speed Run King, Immortal, and Undetectable? Are they all from running the gauntlet?

AethosGames responds:

Yep, those are all gauntlet mode achievements. Good luck with them, they are brutal.