Reviews for "[Visible] III"

Not bad, was fun but it doesn't save so that's -2 stars!
Also the medal descriptions are too cryptic, don't get the most :(
Pm if you know some

AethosGames responds:

Actually, the game autosaves after every campaign level. It doesnt save during gauntlet mode because it's designed to go all at once. Otherwise it's not a gauntlet.

Had sooo much fun with this game. died quite a bit near the end but nonetheless . The only thing i can suggest is a duck option atleast for easy...because even easy was quite challenging later on and those shock bullets later became quite a pain in the ass..... 5/5 10/10


How do I get the medal HANGING OUT?


Nothing can kill me! Oh.

AethosGames responds:


its a nice game

i really liked this game. afew years back i made a fan game for this. search it up on google not newgrounds. great game anyway, i hope to see a fourth one.