Reviews for "[Visible] III"

Difficulty was somewhat overrated after a few tries. As the tricks to each level of Gauntlet are assimilated, it's relatively easy to do a full run. Harder to do without death/detection but far from impossible.

The best tip I can give: If you have to wall-jump over traps in between walls, don't jump at the wall first - instead, try climbing it from the ground, that will build more momentum (this helps a lot on gauntlet level 2).

Another tip: Any shift key works, so you can do a two hander for a much better control wih WASD and right shift.. Try in.

To unlock every last medal/achiev, do the following:

- Do gauntlet fast (I got speed run with a time of 4:04 and some deaths)
- Do gauntlet with 9 or less deaths (Don't know if inclusive, try to die 8 times max)
- Do gauntlet without any death (Not even once)
- Do gauntlet without being noticed by "detector" traps (Use shift to navigate the mazes and NEVER pass any laser/gun/rocket and probably shock balls while visible). And probably don't die either.

It's hard but not entirely impossible. Remember, you don't need any haste to do any of that except the speedrun one.

amazing game, but is there any quide on all of those medals? I miss quiet lot of them. :(

So fun, and difficult

Very fun and deep game here

I had no idea that a game that looked so simple could have so much style and detail about it, like this one you have here, What really makes this work is that it doesn't try to be Super fancy or anything, it just gives off what it's supposed to give off. and thats what i noticed right away about this game.I am really impressed with this game, its deep and very advanced, i was abit frustrated with the whole small "CHARACTER" but you did make it fun and deep with the "MIRROR" viewing thing to make it more tricky so that was a plus. The levels do get tricky so that was good but they get progressivly good and that what really kept me entertained on this one. Anyways a good game i was not able to acheive much medals, i would love as an improvment to possibly have the "ARROW" keys as some controls would better fit it seems, but anyways good game regardless. So as i have Evaluated this awsome flash you have here, you have amazed me aswell as others, you could make a great Highlights reel with this, there was some nice visuals in this and it was a well rounded flash entry,

Very good for the amount of content that you have. I would suggest trying to find other and new ideas so you can have more going on with the submission. Allthough it was not bad though, and was pretty entertaining, so ill drop a few options and advice here for you. have the arrow keys an option for movment and action keys

Sam Fisher, if you will accept this third 2D mission you will encounter an mirror-like floor, which will be useful in showing some obstacles you normally wouldnt see. Due to its glassy surface it is slippery and therefore may be challening to time your movements and stunts. With sliding the walls and the ceiling and your stealth power you're the American Ninja! Moving sleeky and sneaky, with wonderful detailed death scenes (my fav: burn to ashes, seeing your skeleton wave you a good bye), so you love to die. You may want to switch the music of to intensify the sneak experience. If you get caught, the NG will deny you ever existed. A intense enjoyable 15 level mission with harder bonus levels. Its a sneak game with a mirror twist. Good luck Sam.

AethosGames responds:

Wow, people still play this game?