Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 3"

BOOBS! So weird! I L<3ve this game!!!! 100000000000 stars!!!!!!!!!!

is there a place to download this game? since for whatever reason my saves keep deleting themselves for this game i cant really sit down and enjoy it unless i want to make it a grindfest for hours and hours trying to get literally everything in a single run. id love to play it all the way through but since i cant save and come back to it....oh well, guess that aint happening. and yes i have it set to allow local data to be set in flash player settings.

matt-likes-swords responds:

It's on Steam for free!

eh......nice game but.....i had to kill the last dragonhead,finally i was so far after 1000+ attempts....and all of sudden he 1hit killed all my characters? wtf is this bullsh1t.besides that its an awesome game but this last dreagonhead is fucking ...GRRR

Great game! No complaints and no shortage of praise.

one of my all time favorite games, but the part that i like the most is how boobs is in tags lmao