Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 3"

Took you long enough!

I havent gotten far in the game but i can tell it will take me awhile to finish it, thou i did miss the liner style you usualy have this is a refreshing game! reminds me of the good old days of killing monsters back in Golden Sun and Baten Kaitos. Very good keep it up and don't make us wait so long!!!!!!


love it and first

This is an awesome game!

I've been playing this game on Kongregate* before it was on here, and the storyline, music and leveling system are amazing! i wish there was a way to move my saved game over to here... And for those who complained before at how there was no way to save, that's been fixed, and now you can save just before any favorite boss fights! Great job Matt!


I played this as soon as it came out... hell yeah. Impressive as usual. Art is incredible with rarely any flaws, if any I just am assuming your not perfect because no one is perfect right? RIGHT?? The programming was great. The mini games were really cute. I am assuming you got at least 10,000 from this because if you didint fuck kongregate! :D


I was a beta tester tho, so i cant really review this.