Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 3"


This game surpasses EBF 1 and 2 combined! keep up the good work!


you outdone yorself with this one since its more on par with RPG,exploring, ETC.


Now I won't have to go to Kongregate to play this any more.

Onto the actual review though...

Well, there's not a lot of glitches, obviously. I'm hoping that you checked this so many times over that it has been worked to perfection. You had a lot of spare time on your hands to create this magnificent piece of work. Nice touch adding all those in-game and also newgrounds-programmed medals.

Props to you, my good friend! You seem to be improving and putting more effort into each piece that you do. The simplicity of each level is great, but the design of the characters (NPCs and enemies included) just flat-out shocked me! The fact that you can fit your artwork and programming skills to make this son-of-a-bitch just amazes the hell out of me.

I can't forget the wonderful musician that helped you out! Big fan of your pieces, HFX! You just seem to put that eery, teary-eyed, yet exciting feel like any FF game there is! It all is amazing and I hope that you go deeper and further onto the wild blue yonder with these pieces of work!

This game is one of the best on Newgrounds. In fact, I could very well say it's the best there is! Yes, Punk-o-matic 2 and Toss the Turtle may have you beat, but not in my eyes. You have condensed everyone's ambitions of the FF series into this one game.

Cheers to this and your future projects!

Overall: 9/10, 5/5.


Damn now that is a lot of trophys...


Awesome graphics, music, gameplay and everything else this game has to offer.