Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 3"

Love the game, but the second medal for the fourth minigame is borderline impossible to get. It should be 200 at the most.

Wonderful,once I found out it was free on steam I switched to the steam version,on the steam version I am thinking about doing a hard playthrough soon,such nostalgia!


Very well polished, and is a must play for rpg fans.
the fact that you have to wait for every animation made me not continue after about 1 hour.
please add a function that allows you to either speed up the animations or skip them.

I cannot move at all in this game, whether it's on Newgrounds or Kongregate. WASD and Arrow Keys don't work, Spacebar doesn't work, and only F and M for the menu work fine. Some people might say that a program named "Synergy" can cause this, but I've never used it. Any help would be great.