Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 3"


Is so addictive & i love it


its like the top game

Highly addictive

Like everyone else I could write paragraphs on how amazing this game is by stating it's many good points, but I think covering all it's faults helps give a clearer perspective of how great this game is.

Faults: none ( I literally can't think of anything, great job Matt :D )

I've enjoyed this game more than I have enjoyed some games that have been in development for 3 years on a console, that pretty much get's the point across.

By the way, Glasgow for the FTW, eh Matt? :)

A great game

I've followed the series through, and this is by far my favorite.

There is a very nice balance of quests (as simple as they may be), skill progression, equipment, forging, and battles that I love to see in RPGs.

While you are not as uber powerful this time around, I really enjoyed the balanced you maintained as the game progresses--it's always a challenge, and it's always rewarding. I have not quite finished the game yet, but I've seen plenty enough to give this review in confidence.


Great game!

(one of the secrets of the game is the pervert medal. Click natz's boobs a lot, if you didn't already get it.)

I found the game very fun to play. Kep't me entertained for hours and hours. Nice use of the neat creatures, equip's and other people in the game. Hope for another one. Keep it up!