Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 3"

excuse me Matt-Likes-Swords, I have experienced a bug in the second minigame, so i was doing a no-hit run on the Narwhal minigame and halfway through i saw two rocks, one at the top, the other at the bottom, they were blocking the way forward and there was no way to get around them without getting hit, please when you get the chance to, fix it. (P.S I love your games and I hope you make more in the future! :3)

This is a really cute game, I like the Paper Graphics, its nice. The characters are cute.

One of the most boring RPG games I have played. The map is hard to see since characters and items overlap with one another. The artwork and music are so childish. The font used is hard to read. The number of attacks and tactics are very limited. Overall, this game is a shadow of games like Sony.

amo este juego espero que sigas haci matt

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