Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 3"

Very good game.

if you click on natalie's boobs, they bounce

I came back after 6 years, I still love this game.

I had a super hard and annoying time killing enemies. It took like 10 shots. Then I found the SKILL TREE.

the game realy is something special.

things that i like :
4.wall breaking humor
charackter design (mobs etc)
animations (fighting sequenzes)

till this point it could have run on super nintendo

but here comes the negatives
the mapdesign pretty mutch sucks. not from the artwork, dont get me wrong!

the problem is, it kinda repeats itself all the time. like 3 screens - boss battle, 3 screens, boss battle, the developers could have made better work there. but still the game has something
that dont lets you go. i simply believe from all the work i can defenetly see in detail like those animations of all those fightstyles it could have been more.

the player gets the feeling someone stoped programming in the middle of the process and than he had to be finished with the product thats sad.

the storyboard is ripped off other games more than in its included in the actual game.
there realy dont is a story lol its about walking through changing biomes and not even after 11 hours of playing i could tell someone what the target in this game is.

but i defenetly gonna finish it.

from all the games you can find in newgrounds this one belonged to the better games. but cause of this critic i couldnt let away it wont get more than 4 stars. polish it a bit up, fix that storyboard and mapdesign issue and you get 5 stars.