Reviews for "24 in 24"

Wowwwww I'm impressed

This is a rather interesting piece I've seen. It seems to be a whole flash about absolutely nothing with no set meaning and everything random but I think that's what makes it interesting. It was a good blend, of feel good and abstract pieces as well as those that had a bit of voicing. It also demonstrates quite good animation skill.

And to condense all these ideas, yours and others I'm assuming, and transform them into animation in such a short period of time is rather brilliant. Also, I don't see how each segement is 'rough around the edges' I think they're quite well done.

I'd be interested to see how you'd improve your animation, to make it more better than it is already.

Well done, I'm actually rather speechless. One question however, I'm under the impression you animated this all on your own did you?

JamesLee responds:

When I saw rough around the edges I mean in terms of line quality maybe, and peices hooking up a bit better. But who knows, maybe all that extra time spent polishing would wreck the spontaneousness.

Yep, all the animation was done by myself. We were planning to have Hania help out if we ran into trouble, but she's thankful that it didn't come to that :)


its up i helped with some of the ideas and was there more then 75 % of the time

JamesLee responds:

Sorry Richard, we only had enough room to credit ideas that we were able to use.

Thank for joining in and sticking around. Hope you had a good time, we enjoyed your company :)


this came out extremely well you work fantastic together and this project just proves you are amazing in animation and music skills...

i watched you in a good while on stickam and you work really good almost no breaks :O