Reviews for "24 in 24"

cant wait to see more of toast man.

Liked #8 the best.

So diverse in so many ways....

some really random, some other with good effort in it and some unexpected for sure. but all of them had an awesome animation. also, you made a great use of sounds.

it's really good to see a compilation instead of like 24 different submissions - though some were too short/nonsense for a single flash submission. but them together looked cool.

I must disagree with your comment above "Quality varies dramatically between each piece". well, in fact I'd say it seems to be good quality in overall. and if we observe the following, then the results are REALLY impressive: "[...] finished all 24 shorts 24 hours later".


by the way, #11 was totally unexpected: my favorite one.

# 14, Are you my mommy?