Reviews for "Madness Inflammation"

Nice work from all of you guys.

DIMB as awsome as always, xcooldudex putting a little vive into the collab and the rest of you were the cherries on top.

But seriously, enough about cake.
An awsome collab guys well done!


This collab is amazing and I am so glad I joined it and I can't wait to see what award it gets

vogxhamraks responds:

Well Ty and hope it does please tell every1 u know to vote 5 I really want an award

:D fucking epic


how would you like to have this on madness day 10

this should be in madness day 2010

Good collab with no terrible animators

I disagree with drift because I thought that xxblinx's part wasn't bad because it was smooth but was quite slow. But if I chose the worst animator it would be thingthingdude because his parts were quite choppy.