Reviews for "Madness Inflammation"


very nice... I'm just a N00B, but even I recognize the awesome of this submission.

Very nice form with the collage of different artist's clips.

And guys, I think it was MEANT to be confusing. this IS MAdness, remember? bwahahahah.. hrm.. hey author person! Maybe I should get good at this stuff and do a Madness/Doctor Who crossover? waddyathink? haha with the Doctor as Kung Fu Action Jesus? I've always wanted to see that.

:D fucking epic


"The Tricky Collab"

I thought t was pretty nice. There were obviously a few animators in there that didn't stack up to the rest (you know who you are) but, never the less, there was never a dull moment for me. Good job.

Good, but inconsistent...

I did think that some of the animation was good but I can't really say that I enjoyed watching it that much. The main reason was that I though that the whole layout was quite messy. I'm talking of both the actual scenes and also literally. What I mean about the scenes is that they often cut off too suddenly without providing closure or indeed an explanation, also I think some parts should be put in a different order to make the whole thing feel like it's running smoother. By literally messy I mean that the HUD used in the collab keeps changing in each of the parts. You should have created one V-Cam with a HUD on it at the start of the collab and got everyone to download that one so everyone has the same V-Cam and it looks consistent.

Other than that I thought it was pretty good. Although I am puzzled why did not just wait till Madness Day itself to submit this as it is only a week and a but away.