Reviews for "Madness Inflammation"

Not bad, but a few isues:

Overall, for the effort, I'm going to give it a seven, as there are some parts of the piece that dragged the piece down, which was a shame. Some of the art work is excellent and probably only second to Krinkels, when it comes to Madness. Some issues with shaking of the characters and poor quality of the figures that were animated were only minor issues though.

If you've put this much effort into getting all of your pieces ready, I'd say that it is pretty much down to the organiser to make sure that all of the entries actually have sound. You don't come along and have two or three pieces that are mute, save for the backing music - throwing up the word "headshot" does not compensate, nor would it be particularly Madness - Hank's kills were across the rest of the body as well, which took away something from the spirit of the piece.

It was a shame not to see as much of Jesus as in other Madness pieces, as he is as integral a part as the Clown or even Hank. The two new guys from Combat 5.5 and 6.5 were nice additions, as they have clearly made their mark upon this series so far.

With the name graphics for people, please note that the names should be secondary, rather than a massive icon that takes up a third of the screen - we want to see the action, not your tag, so make it less eye-catching (greyscale, see through?) and make it slightly smaller, so that people focus on what is going on, as I'm a purist here and want to see what people can produce in flash, not in the Art Portal.

Happy Madness Day!

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vogxhamraks responds:

haha Ty for the 7 anyways i hope u enjoyed it

Goods and bads!

This was a really nice collab, with all the animations/shorts/parts inside it, some of them were pretty good looking really professional, others were more average, while a little of them looks a bit poor.

So the best I think I need to do here is give a commentary for each of the participants of your collab, describing their efforts and giving to it is wrong (if have it).

Also, before I start, I really liked your menu design, with these kind of "sketches" in the background, I also liked the digital buttons you did, when you roll over, it will have a white masked color going through. The author bios were informative, but too short and with little information, this is just like a rogue gallery, not a Biography. The music for the intro and credits were good too, but the smoke effects were glowing A LOT, this give a diffculty to read the texts and also this cammo with the white color, maybe try to do the glows gray or something. Would be cool if you have added a scene gallery/section/selection, for example, if someone really liked someone part, he don't will like to wait everything till the wanted part.

Now officially going to judgement from each scene:
EDGe0wnz -- it was nice with interesting action, I liked how he shoots (I think in a bird). 3~4/5
ZaracaM -- good action in this part, the chaingun fire was pretty good and the enemies coming too, just was a little "stupid" when he looks at the mouse and fall in the ground and say LOL. 3/5
Stemage -- I liked when the gray guys enter the room and the black ones do like a barricade behind the table, was with a lot of action and shooting in this one, turned this animation part pretty good, nice job! 4/5
xCooldude30x -- The blood FX was good, but I think the enemies could act a little fast, they just look to the clown and do as they don't care for his appearence. 3/5
Vogxhamraks -- The graphics and movements were pretty good animated, but I think your parts were slow and a little "repetitive", like in both, Hank looks to a side, fire, and turns to other and shoot. 3/5
Thingthingdude200 -- I liked how you introduced physics and realism in your animation where the bulletholes were nicely done in the guy face and the movements. 4/5
XXblinx -- Good action and nice movements. 3/5
ZaracaM(2) -- The movements were pretty good, was just weird that guy who jumped from nowhere. 3/5
Thingthingdude(2) -- Not so good as the first one, everything seems to be too slow. Was funny when he spit blood hehe. 3/5
xRoadkillx -- one of the more BEST here, physics from the characters, movements, guns, shootings, blood FX everything AMAZING. 5/5
DIMB -- the movements were nice, the shooting too, I also liked that everything happend fast, turning this with more quality. 4/5
EDG(2) -- everything working fast and nice movements and actions, nice! 4/5
Thingthingdude(3) -- Poor, just some seconds of nothing so cool. 1/5
Wyvernhunt -- The sniper costume is awesome, and the shot FX and physics were pretty good. 4/5
Vog(2) -- check first one 2/5
EDG(3) -- good action, running fast and good dynamics. 4~5/5
DIMB(2) -- The bg, lights, FX, alpha, everything AWESOME, the best from all. 5/5
STEMAGE -- Action, running fast, good quality, good fireshots, everything nice. 4~5/5

For the end, where have the flashing lights and some letters through, you could have added beneath the REPLAY button, a BACK TO MENU button, because for who leaved the credits and extras to the end, would like to see there, so add this simple and effort feature.

3.90 / 5.00 (+ 0.0022)
"Goods and bads!"

~Review Request Club~

vogxhamraks responds:

oh thanx anyways the second will be much better this is shit

Good collab with no terrible animators

I disagree with drift because I thought that xxblinx's part wasn't bad because it was smooth but was quite slow. But if I chose the worst animator it would be thingthingdude because his parts were quite choppy.


This was awesome, every part was excelently animated.

Only problems was that it should have been released on madness day, and xxblinkxx was horrible. Sorry dude, but stop tweening, you're bad at it.

how would you like to have this on madness day 10

this should be in madness day 2010