Reviews for "Madness Inflammation"

DIMB was the best

best collab evar!


i see this 2 times


i liked it

Yeah, some were pretty good.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

If I had more time I would break this down by author, but I don't so it'll have to be an overall view. Some were really good and yet some looked liked they were made by an amateur. Most were pretty smooth and in fact some were things that I would compare directly to Krinkels work, but on the other side there were some that ran very slow and rough around the edges. For the most part the animation was pretty good.

~ Story/Content ~

That thing is I've grown out of enjoying random killing like this a long time ago. So after awhile this did start to get boring. I did my best to try and stay interested, but there just really needed to be more humor in my opinion.

The only thing that was funny to me was the one where the clown went on a killing rampage and at the end shot himself in the head with the gun. Other than that it was like watching the same generic shooter again and again.

~ Audio ~

The music was good in my opinion and for the most part the sound was good as well. There were a few that were lacking sound effects and that made them seem very out of place. The submitter should have went through and added them.

~ Overall ~

A lot of mindless killing just like Madness should be, but so generic that it lacked a lot of individuality. I wouldn't have minded seeing more humor and perhaps something way different that we wouldn't expect to see from Madness.

~ Review Request Club ~

vogxhamraks responds:

Haha thanx for ur review and for giving ur opinion


Animation 7/10

It's hard to give a score to the animation as a whole when it's a collab which contains works from various animators. Ones better than others. One animator that really stuck was DIMB. What others lacked, in my opinion, was the chaotic nature of the old Madness flash films. They were too slow for one, and the kills were a bit mundane. I can honestly not one kill stuck in mind. And when you're making a film about little round headed, cross faced people that kill each other, the kills are everything.

Sound 5/10
Considering that a few animations didn't even have sound, and others lacked knife sounds, sound wasn't really the strong point of this film.

Music was ok, but not very engaging. Something that started calm, and got louder and more energetic would have been perfect, and if the animations were in order, as if the most chaotic were at the culmination of the song, now that, would have been awesome.

Switches to medium quality from time to time for no reason.

Overall 6/10
An overall decent collection of animations, but it just doesn't work out as a whole. Many shorts weren't finished or polished enough, some tests were included to expand the run time, the music wasn't really fitting and there was a huge lack of sound effects, though some shorts really shined and made this a worthwhile watch.

A little bit of more careful organising next time, but overall a good collection of shorts.