Reviews for "Madness Inflammation"

Decent movie, but bad timing

Madness Day is just 10 days away. You should have waited until then, spend the time touching up everything, and submitted it then, so -2 for poor timing, but otherwise, good job.

vogxhamraks responds:

Well this is a better time we didnt really wanted to on Madness Day cause this will get a better score now

Nice work from all of you guys.

DIMB as awsome as always, xcooldudex putting a little vive into the collab and the rest of you were the cherries on top.

But seriously, enough about cake.
An awsome collab guys well done!


This has got to be in the top 3 tomorrow!

but you guys should have uploaded this on madness day its right around the corner

still sweet though :)

Breathtaking action!

What a submission! Definitely, collaborative efforts are something that should be seen a lot more often around here. All the work you did, guys, was great. The animation was crisp and fluid and every short holds its own against any other.

If I could give an observation, though, that would be giving this Flash a quality button that doesn't need to be toggled in every take.

Other than that, this is very impressive. Great job!