Reviews for "Madness Inflammation"

very exiting!

it was great! lots of well animated parts and lots of tricky.
the problem was three different people used the bounce thing from madness 5.
some parts made others look bad but over all it was amazing!


Some of the shorts seemed to have the characters moving a little slow, epecially the first one with tricky in, just didn't seem right with his slow boddy movement imo, also you should of waited for madness day, would have made in much better and allowed for any touch ups. the ending credits are hard to read with the contant flashing of colours, and on a less serious note, why tetris as the ending song? all in all, a good collab, though with space for some improvements.

vogxhamraks responds:

Well it wasnt really me who choose the audio anyways this is my first the 2nd will be much better :D


This collab is amazing and I am so glad I joined it and I can't wait to see what award it gets

vogxhamraks responds:

Well Ty and hope it does please tell every1 u know to vote 5 I really want an award

Good Collab.

Music could have been alot better. It plainly sucked dude.

Decent movie, but bad timing

Madness Day is just 10 days away. You should have waited until then, spend the time touching up everything, and submitted it then, so -2 for poor timing, but otherwise, good job.

vogxhamraks responds:

Well this is a better time we didnt really wanted to on Madness Day cause this will get a better score now