Reviews for "Madness Inflammation"


Some of the animators were good, but some were just lame.
Pretty much when it was fast and furious, it rocked. Then sometimes it got slow, with people plodding along, only a few kills, or a lack of sound effects.

madness-crap, AND collab??

two kinds of flash submissions with the lowest requirement of talent just merged! gosh!
and why are you guys giving reviews on your own stuff? thats a bit sad

now to the flash itself - nearly every "scene" looked the same (a regular madness phenomenon), it was not creative at all, the music was just dumb and not fitted to the scenes. the one star goes to the collab organizer to get this bunch to (somehow) "work together".


Easily one of the nicest looking collabs I've seen. The music worked, the menu was really well done. This most certainly has some of the smoothest work from you guys. Loved all the bits with tricky, got a chuckle from he when he blasted himself.

Kudos to all involved. Seriously, none of them stood out as particularly bad, this was pretty much cover to cover goodness.

vogxhamraks responds:

Thanks for the review dude thanks glad u liked it


I am overjoyed that it came out this great.
I see my parts didn't show that well


I've never been one for madness animations. But this one seems entertaining, because there are so many people working on it, i allways love a collab.