Reviews for "Madness Inflammation"


But too much tricky.

well done

an epic madness collab. good job guys. keep kicking ass.

Instant Classic

I cant explain how fucking awesome this collab is. It kicks some serious ass! Its waaaaaaay better than most average collabs! Well done, Well done!


Tricky seemed kind of popular in most of the parts...But good nevertheless!

Alot like other collabs.

It has been said before that people who animate on their own usually do better than people who link up to make a collab. However this is actually quite a good collab considering.

Animation ~
Alot of the clips in there were fantastic. Fast pace, well animated, good amount of frames. But it must be said, the other clips just lookes mediocre and trashy. The Madness look was done very well in most clips too.


Music ~
It actually suited the animation and made it more pacy. Even the clips that went terribly slow felt kind of sped up by the music. As for the sound effects, most people used them quite well, but as I say - Alot just made it look out of place.


Overall ~
It would have been 10x better if you chose your animators a bit more carefully. I understand that it is hard to get people to animate for you and everything - For that I don't think it would be fair to go to hard on you all.

Otherwise a fitting tribute to Krinkels and the Madness series.