Reviews for "Madness Inflammation"

Not very exciting

The graphics are really nice but makes me wonder if the animators were drunk during the rest of the project. In one of the skits. One of the bad guys puts on glasses and happily walks to his death. You could argue he had no idea there was a battle and was just an unfortunate victim but seriously gunshots and dead bodies littering the door you have to be pretty dumb. Then in another scene The enemy has a pistol and the main dude has a knife. the pistol guy walks right up in his kool-aid without even firing a shot and gets knifed. If your purpose is to make a good flash that captivates the audience don't rush the scenes leaving huge noticable flaws. You also need to add warnings before viewing your flash. Between all of the animators one of you must have known that bright flashing lights can most likely kill an epiletic (a person who goes into a seizure from the sporadic brightness)

vogxhamraks responds:

Well this is really my first collab and my first try dont worry my 2nd will be much better

Boring much?

I was pretty much bored all the way through this entire thing, just people dying and then someone killing themselves we've seen this for a good 4 years now, this is so unoriginal and boring its not even funny. Most of the animation was smooth and and very good but lacking to keep me intrested i couldn't even care less about how good the animation was. my advice: Stop making collabs like these.

vogxhamraks responds:

Well this was my first collab do be better boy and what r u expecting me to do?

We did well..

I'm really pissed off that you submitted the collab without a part from me.

And I updated the credits, in other words I added more effects.

Anyways its submitted and I can do nothing about it.

vogxhamraks responds:

Will Anyways we can update later but sorry people really wanted it

10 moar days!!!!

i liked EDGeOwnz's parts the best,they as AWESOME as the original madness!!!

The End Techno rave was teh coolness

it made my butt wet.