Reviews for "Madness Inflammation"

Thanks for mentioning my song in the credits :D

I think all of the animation was good, and all aspects were interesting. It was a nice touch of how the buttons worked XD I've seen so many who have gotten that wrong. Only issue I found was when I went to click "Authors" and the music overlapped. When I went to retest it, it did it again. Other than that, it was pretty good :) Thanks for using my music piece :D


Wow...super collab, I never saw thing like that before! Nice newcomer in the collab Wyvernhunt!! I love your sniper test. So nice !

It's really good but

takes a long time to load.

well done lad's

some rilly aursome tricky work done like the krinkels himself :D

Damn nice.

vogxhamraks: You animations were kinda slow and stiff, but pretty good.

DIMB: Like always, very smooth, very violent, and just very awesome.

EDGe0ownz: Recoil is pretty high on your first one, which I like, so your's was good.

Iconicstemage: Jesus that looks so much like Krinkels, and Delamortes.

Thingthingdude200: This is my honest review to you, I think your's was slow, and not a lot of action, But I did like the white one, I thought that was cool.

Wyvernhunt: Smooth, and I like the recoloured gore, and the sniper agent looks very nice.

xcooldude30x: It looked like Krinkels style, but slower and less action.

XRoadKillX: I liked it a lot, your animation also looked like Krinkels.

XXBlinx. I don't like it, the guys looked like they were on one layer, and it just wasn't smooth.

ZaracaM: I like your animation, your first one seemed kinda choppy, but the Tricky one was nice, except for the dancing.

It was a good collab, but some parts just didn't do to well.

vogxhamraks responds:

oh lol thanks haha glad u liked it my 2nd will be much better anyways for most of us this our first but second will be epic don't worry :p