Reviews for "Turtlodyssey"


Could have been longer.


In disapointed that there is no free candy... But hey, we still kill weebl! And save Dino!

Also, Main Menu Click velociraptor( gators ) Eye!

Super kawaii desu ne~

It's nice and short, sounds can be annoying though.

Pretty good animations, you'd expect the pixel stuff to be clunky and all but they actually move fluidly. I don't quite get the whole egg thing and being trapped, but the credits by interaction was a nice touch. I just wish there was a bit more.

I care about boobs, too... I nominate myself to selflessly volunteer for any female NG user who needs to check for any breast lumps. In order to accurately check breasts for any lumps, I will need to apply warm baby oil to the breasts. In fact, the patient and I will probably have to remove all our clothing so as to not spill any oil on them.

You know what, I may need to check for lumps on the entire body, so I will have to apply oil to the entire female patient. I DO IT FOR HEALTH!

Magical-Zorse responds:

I'm somewhat aroused


im glad to see people are still sticking it to weeble. ehrm ....sticking it in weeble.

I'm sorry turtle guy

But hey as you said you dont like spending all day getting medals...
Lol go burn if cant figure it out your not aloud a turtle game medal >:D