Reviews for "Turtlodyssey"

Great game

Found it fun but i cant figure the secret medal. Hint?

0/5, 0/10

The controls backfire. If I push the left arrow key, I go right. Same with the right arrow key. It goes right.

So either way, I can't go left, making this game impossible.

Magical-Zorse responds:

I think you're lying

Only one complaint

I enjoyed the game it was short but it was fun, graphics looked nice too, and the music was cool. BUT I had another song up on a tab that I would have rather listened to, really it doesn't matter if your game has the best song in the world or the worst, or in between, it is always nice if there is a mute button on these games.

too short

not bad game but way short

Ok, you twiddleywinks

The secret medal "Generic Secret Medal" is at teh very start.
If you jsut finished the game, I suggest you re-fresh the page to do this.
hit "Play" on the loading screen, it'll say "A game by Magical-horse and Turtleco", then afterwards, don't hit "Play" just yet, Click the dinosoar's eye, at the bottom-left of the screen. Afterwards, the medal appears.
Now, if you just exit, you lose the medal. You have to hit "Play" then exit after that.
(not 100% sure on that, but it happened to me)