Reviews for "Turtlodyssey"

Doushe Bag!

It is a bit short and it kinda bad that when you fire your gun the bullets disappear before they hit your target which makes Weebl quite hard.

Magical-Zorse responds:

You're just afraid of getting hit, you scaredy cat

I like it.

The graphics are cool the sound was great and the controls were simple.

I have been having problems with controls in every game andI figured out why: I got flash player 10.1 (still in BETA).

Pretty good.

I liked the graphics and the game in general. I would definitely play a sequel, or perhaps a longer version of the game.

The one enemy's fighting pattern was uncannily similar to the first boss in the flash version of 'alien hominid.' Was that intentional?

One minor issue was that bullets would move farther if you walked along with them, which actually works to your advantage at times.

(I switched my rating from 8 to 10 just now when I read that all the ad revenue was for breast cancer research. Good luck with that.)

well done magical zorse, and turtleco

A fun little game, if you were to make a BIG version of this it could get front paged. Excellent, very excellent. Not much else to say other than that. Keep up the good work.

fun little game you made

It took me a 2nd time through to beat this game to have an idea on how to beat that weebl character. I thought this was a nicely put together game. Graphics looked nicely customized pixel characters which is cool. great use of background music. controls were fine. great work!

Magical-Zorse responds:

You're awesome