Reviews for "Turtlodyssey"

i liked it! but...

shotting weebl just before he shots for the second time has no effect. I'd only one shot to go, so I stayed on the ground, not caring if he hit me, and it had no effect. bit rubbish. also, he is a bit slow. other than that, I really did enjoy it! :P


Weeble is a clone style of the first Mini Boss in Alien Hominid [PS2-Xbox]. Anyway, the turtle is WAY to slow. It really ruined the game. Otherwise, it's alright.


i know its a generic secret medal but i cant get it i shot everything and such but pm me instead of posting it here and ruining it for the rest tnx

Magical-Zorse responds:

it's too late for that

and stuff.

Sir, I thank thee. Thank god you killed off that tyrannical tyrant weeble, he has been popping out generic and easy cartoons for much too long.
I adore you for the medals, for now I feel important and loved; and
I much appreciate your donation to the cancer research fund, for I too care greatly for...
Boobies; baby feeders; badonkiedoinks; bosoms; fun bags; flesh balls; cleavage; cupcakes; hooters; magambos; milk wagons; milk jugs; mounds; over the shoulder boulders; orbs; tatas; teetees; titties; twins; gobstoppers; jahoobies; knockers; norks; hand warmers; puppies; pairs; shlo- *GAAASP* -shlobes; racks; tweeters; ying yangs; yahoos; yazoos; volvos; whimwhams; cantaloupes; coconuts; dumplings; squishies; rotors; twiddlewit'dees&tweedle(...)dum's; schleckers; checkers; blinkers; bombs; bazooms; cha-chas; eisenhowers; mau maus; ninnies; mobutus; juran-juranjies; chesticles; breasticles; breastsicles and chi-chi's *Pant* *Oxygen mask up to face*... That's it.. I'm done...

So anyway, yeah.. thumbs up... :D

Feel free to send me a message, and I shall regale ya' with shameful ideas and imagery.

good timewaster

this game was fun. I'm a sucker when it comes to 8bit style graphic games.
The story was simple and straight to the point and the controls were easy to use

I think this game could have lots of more potential if it had:
- more levels/enemies
- a random pattern when the weebl attacks

all in all, it's a fun game to play, but I'm sure if you could add more variation to the game that you could possibly have a + 4.30 game

I would keep up the splendid work and try to raise the bar for a future project
good work ;)