Reviews for "Turtlodyssey"

Ain't it awesome? ;D

It is a fun game to play, easy to understand, just straight-forward. The boss was annoying at first, but after knowing his pattern, he was easy. Little, fun, easy game. Just what I was waiting for ;D

love these rave sticks !

the party at the end was the best bit.
The characters are really cute and lovable, a totally random game.

Could of been longer, but i understand the idea was to make a quick game. None the less, fun fun !

Can you dig it?

All the fun of Super Mario Rampage with an alcoholic animal party at the end.

It's ok

The game is alright, pretty fun but a bit short.

Breast cancer eh?

Automatic 10 stars :D

Should make a longer version of this game, with cooler bosses, that um... THAT HAVE ORIGINAL ATTACK PATTERNS *Cough cough*