Reviews for "Youtube Poop Soundboard 1"

loved it

As someone who watches some of the greatest YTPs I really appreciate this soundboard. You have a few of my favorites. And I found your secret video, very impressive animating skills you have there.

BrianCollazo46 responds:

Finaly someone Likes it :D


i just wish they had more soundboards

Best soundboard EVER!

I've been looking for something like this on Newgrounds for ages now! I was looking through my favorites and I just found this. Seriously, best soundboard I've ever seen. Youtube Poops have always been some of my favorites. You even have Pingis and spaghetti! Here's an idea: you can make a Newgrounds Poop with sounds from this soundboard! Based on the video you made, I know it would be great!

thumbs up if you saw weegee when clicking "weegee" sound

I really like this soud test!Escapply the cameo of weegee when we are holding the Weegee Button.
The menu of this game flash was so COOL!
My favorite sound are 'Other Bell,ARGGH!"
BTW,i never heard MeatBall in YTP Video...