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Reviews for "[KK] Nine LOLeven Collab"


innocent people died... you know...


u do realize people DIED on 9/11

Charcoal125 responds:

Yes, I remorse the deaths of those 6 brave terrorists

and a couple other blocks of cheese died too. No wait those were americans. same difference


All the parts were funny, although none of it was well animated or drawn. It's good to know that some people are taking a stand against 11/9, there have been far worse massacres and nobody cares. 11/9 is only remembered because America got pwned. I don't care and nor should anyone else. It's a shame that America had to start that petty crusade of theirs and kill several times as many civilians as died on 11/9.

A commendable message with some good humour, 10/10.


9/11 is a terrible day in American history and you should be ashamed of yourselves........

Charcoal125 responds:

but we're not

I think you forgot already...

It's just a shopped picture with a song...

Charcoal125 responds:

press the buttons to go to a part you retard