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Reviews for "[KK] Nine LOLeven Collab"

ok i'll admit it

this one was actually pretty funny


may offend some people, but boy you guys sure cram the calamity each and every time. numbers guy was pretty funny with his "text" bit, lolimaster made me laugh with his gay terrorist routine, and pinksocks video made me laugh, but the best part was charcoal's part with oral sex during the 9/11 news report. may not be the typical newgrounds style, but boy does it deliver. i wish there was a bit more tho

9/11 was fun

The menu was one of the best menus I have seen in a Flash this year, it really was good. The parts were good too; funny, but hardly good quality. Overall, good Flash but you should take some more time to make the parts because they looked rushed to me. 9/10

ehhh Fun

Parts werent actually that offensive. It wasnt what I thought it was going to be. I still laughed my ass off though. The new Kitty Krew intro is great. The menu was pretty unique too. Really got to like the Prince. Anyway great job

5/5 10/10

fuckin aaaaa

the american government is filled with jews, they staged the entire event (put a jew in a turban and tell me the fuckin difference) so that they could get the world pissed at the arabs, kill the fuck out of everyone in iraqistan, steal their oil, and reap the profits of all of their natural resources, while simultaneously using the war as an excuse to rape america's economy and steal our moneys as well. big conspiracy, duh. those towel heads cant even afford hats, how they supposed to get plane tix??

Charcoal125 responds:

true words