Reviews for "Red Ronin : 24 HRC"

that was good

Nicely done deserve a 10 nothing less

Are flash animators making it a rule that..

Nothing gay can be animated anymore?..

Because i have to be honest i decided to stop being active for awhile because of it even with something like this i worried someone would try to be "clever" and throw something gay in there.

But thank god that wasn't the case.
I have to say for doing all this in 24 hours you all did an amazing job.

Thank you for reminding me why i loved newgrounds.

10/10 =)

Damn good

I liked this collab a lot. RicePirate and RedHarvest did a good job of streaming the animations together in a way that flowed nicely with the music. To me, this made the animation much more entertaining. I also liked several of the artist I saw, redminus and Pegosho being two that stuck out to me. Nevertheless, the artist were talented as well.

In regards to simi686's comment about two artist being over the time limit, I don't think it justifies a score of a 5. In edition, even if the different art styles didn't appeal to him/her, there is some serious talent here. I'm just saying.


I love all the animation but my favorite one is the redminus one!


this is just amazing