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Reviews for "EnV - Pearlescent"

Great job, as always :)

So i'm browsing Newgrounds after wandering off into the eather for a few years, and i'm scoping out the audio portal and i'm like "Hey look its Envy, haven't heard any of their music since i found that old MP3 and listened to what was on it"

Thanks for a kick ass reason to browse this places stock of Muzak again Env, Keep on rocking out!

Probably not your best this year, I think that Green With Me is the best you've done in a while, but certainly a noteworthy piece! I really did enjoy it.

Amazing as always :D Although I think you had more fun on this one, the transitions and variety of sounds were better than normal. I like it, keep doing what you're doing, cause you're doing it right.

the mario sound fits in the melodies but not the sounds so i don't quite understand why you chose to use it. other than that, KILLER!!!