Reviews for "Apples in the Tree"

voltaire refrences!

Great voltaire refrences in the medals. are you a fan of him? hes great. also incredible game. positivly loved it. music was a bit sad. loved smashing pumpkins XD..not the band. literaly. destroying the pumpkins

MasterMerol responds:

And I'm a big fan of everyone who I put music from

Amazing Game :D

The only problem is the release week \o/

EBF 3 and Alice 3 x.X


I like this game
This girl is pretty
Sweat music

I was addicted to Dolly's dream world.

This game was amazing. I played it several times and got all three endings. I felt slow since getting the Gray Fox ending was so easy, really. I got frustrated the first few times because I kept trying to balance out the good and bad things I was doing. When I finally got it, it was by smashing all the scarecrow's pumpkins but saving the girl's cat and just generally ignoring everyone else.

I also must say that Dolly's dream world was well done. It kept pulling me back in, even though it was sort of frustrating trying to stomp out all those demons, and saving Ozzy's wife certainly wasn't easy. But that's how dreams are supposed to be, aren't they? They can be frustrating, frightening, even. But you keep turning back to them, because they have so much more of a pull than the real world does.

I don't really understand the ending, though. Why do the villagers want to kill Dolly, even in the good ending where she's been running around helping them?
I also agree with that winged creature - I don't know why she goes to the apple tree every day. But she goes there, takes an apple, keeps it until it's rotted the next day, then pulls off another apple. It confuses me and I must say, every time she pulled down an apple from the tree I wondered the same thing as the creature - "Aren't you going to eat it?"

erh so hard cant stop