Reviews for "Apples in the Tree"


Nice music. I love it. Fits the girls attitude. But can I get some soap in this game? The scarecrow called me a fucking ugly monster. Lmao. Nice game. Etc.

Deeply Moving

Firstly, the game itself was well designed. I've seen that not everyone liked the controls, but I wasn't disappointed by them (the tornado level did require utter perfection). And usually when you have a free-roaming world, I have a sense of apprehension as to how to start, but I didn't get that when I played this game. And while playing through the game 5 times, I found many different things to do, which kept my attention through the numerous play-throughs

The story itself I found to very emotional. The story leaves you asking questions about the main character, making you want to know more. This is a probably a good thing as it brings you into the story. But through the carefully selected details, there's a strong feeling of sorrow that makes one sympathize with the main character, and relate to what shes going through.

The surreal-ish/Tim-Burton-ish art that goes along with the story is, I think, suiting to the themes.


I love this game! I would love it more if you could tell me what songs you used? It would be cool to have them.


those are the coolest credits ever

this thing is AWSOME

the only thing i cant find out is how do u get the when your evil medal... maybe i should just play more