Reviews for "Apples in the Tree"

this game is an awesome game I kinda give me happy memories for hearing the music

A fun game that I beat before, and decided to beat again.
The medals work, and I earned them all.

thank you enable to play this game

The tornado of souls is way to hard for me!! I'm a noob, I know.
Anyway, this game is amazing so far! I love it!

one of my favorite games on this site, and the reason I got an account here. (after playing it once and forgetting about it for a long time and then taking forever to find it again, I decided I needed a way to be able to play it anytime I want).
And I love art style and the music, so I can't tell which parts are supposed to make my ears bleed, heh.

MasterMerol responds:

Thank you for playing my game and for taking the time to find it again!

The ear bleeding happens at the "dream selection" screen and when you find the winged sandbag guy.