Reviews for "Apples in the Tree"

Personally this is a fantastic game. My only complaint, is that the controls are a bit wonky, and when I'm running to the left, I can't jump like I can to the right, so I can't get out of the cat area. Also I phase through many platforms. If these bugs can be fixed, I would highly appreciate that. Regardless, this game is great. Maybe a few touch ups here and there, but fantastic otherwise!

Very cool game, I like the art style, the main character sort of reminds me of Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. It's a short, simple little game, but I just keep coming back to it, I just like the atmosphere, it feels very mysterious. Here's to hoping you make a sequel someday, I'd like to see more of Dolly, it would be interesting to see what you could do to expand her character. Maybe you could introduce some gameplay elements that would allow her to make use of her long legs, like doing flips, climbing, fighting and so on. All in all, it's a unique game that's full of creativity, and while it seems to have untapped potential, that presents the opportunity for what I'm sure would be a great sequel.

I love this game a lot, the music, art, style, creativeness, and characters. But I am still unclear of the message and meaning behind the making of this game and can't think of theories for it at all. Other than that I really enjoyed this game.

Masterpiece music and great game

OMG I LOVE IT! this game is very creative and amazing graphics and its awesome how you can get medals based on what you do are what ending it is!