Reviews for "Apples in the Tree"

The music, especially rock and metall, the atmosphere, the main character design( what can I say, I was always a sucker for Green-eyed Redheads with Long Legs)...........
Despite not understanding most of the objectives, I still vote 5.
Just for dat poor pretty weird gal you drawn.

I love this game's atmosphere. It's amazing! Thanks for making games like this one!!

Love the game......a master piece........ really good job.....

Atmospheric as hell

This game is so beautiful! It's a masterpiece! I'm one of those people who played it ages ago when it was released and was trying to find it again now! Congrats for your talent! I'll definitely be looking forward for the sequel! I just wish I knew the meaning behind the art! It's all so symbolic! Has there ever been any explanation, or hint on what it's supposed to be about? Either way, I absolutely love it! Congratulations to the artist!!! I'm totally a fan of you!!