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Reviews for "Alice is Dead - Ep 3"

You know what boils my biscuits?

When a bloke like Logan Rollins....that's me...don't get no proper ending. But its ok, I understand, a story is just that right. Therefore this one is satisfying, though I think it should've turned into an actual animation for Alice's return, that would've made it more worthwhile. All around good game. Also calling the March Hare was amazing.


I loved this series. i cant remember when i discovered AiD1, but i loved it. the series seemed like the jason bourne series.or maybe it's just me. (REMEMBER KIDS, DON'T GO OUT WITH A BANG. GO OUT WITH A DING. MUCH COOLER. this has been a wonderland public anouncement.)


how do you take the pipe thingy off your inventory

So many questions left unanswered...

Art. Music. Plot. All of it 10/10

All with a pleasent cliff hanger/nicely ended ending. Leaving you open for a sequal, yet leaving a sequal uneeded.

Excellent work sir.

good game

shame I got stucked with the jackpot machine