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Reviews for "Alice is Dead - Ep 3"


Very good: music, game, action... evetyhing!

ImpendingRiot responds:

Well thanks sir, we tried

i love this series!

i loved the first two, and this one is just as awesome!

of course, i havent beaten it yet... im currently collecting those tapes... but i cant find them all!

i found the easiest to find tape, which was right out in the open... but the other two, i can find! i also dont even know where i would go to watch them afterwards.

i called all the phone numbers i found so far... this one i found in the club was interesting... leading to me getting a message "alive slice".

now, "alive slice" swapping the V and C, and moving the S to the end... it'd become "alice lives" ...i dont know how that is possible, though... wasnt she a SKELETON in the first game? O_o

so far, this game is pretty creepy due to that cryptic message and that secret lab... which reminds me... i have no idea what to do with that pitch-black room.

i guess im just gonna have to wander around clicking on everything until i can figure something out...

this is an awesome series, i'd say more about the game, but since i havent beaten it yet... i cant. >_>

im sure the rest of it will be awesome though, if i ever get to see it.


i really like the "alice is dead" series but...could anyone help me nad tell me where the tapes are ?


i did not get the ending but i am not saying it is a bad game and infact that is why it is awesome it keeps you gussing and thinking about it and the other reason i am not saying it is a bad game is because i played alot of games yes i am a hardcore gamer and i am not asamed to say it so congrats pal on creting one of the best game series ever 10/10 man

Okay, question time

I absolutely cannot believe it ended there. I've still got a page full of notes and roughly a billion questions unanswered!

What was up with that 555-7241 number?
What did the Rabbit start seeing on July 2nd?
What was in that briefcase we got the combo for?
What was Burr doing in the lab?
And more importantly, what was the point of his experiments?
What happened to his daughter?
Who was that Bloody Eye the scribbles in the bathroom kept talking about?
Where did the Hatter go after he got out in Chapter 2?
If the Queen was up that elevator, and Burr's daughter didn't want Rabbit to die the same way as Burr, but Burr obviously wasn't shot...
Who or what killed Burr?
And did the Queen kill it?
What did Burr's daughter mean when she said Rabbit would believe in ghosts after watching the tapes?
What caused Rabbit to loose his memory?

Anyone agree with me?
Maybe there is going to be more stuff, to continue it, even though rabbit is dead?