Reviews for "Alice is Dead - Ep 3"


I just love your work!! I got so excited when i saw that it was out!! It was all so perfect, the artwork the music the voice actors...please make more i cant wait to see what else you guys create!

Overall great

I had a problem with finding the firs tape. But from few try's and consulting a walkthrough I manage to finish it. And, wow, it's great in every way. Only problem is anticlimactic end. I was really hoping for more in the end, some explaining, and instead I got to find out "what author was trying to say" in comments. Overall fun, fun, fun. Still I would like if a Cheshire Cat made more then cameo in the game. If the game was longer.... But oh well, nice raping up.


stay tuned after credits

This a great game!

This game was great!! I also figured out that the alive slice was actually "Alice Lives" LOL This was a great game and a challenge! Thanks for making it I loved it!!

´m so an lucker

Hehe, at my first try i win at the slot Machine xD an i don´t open it lol
All medals recievied....But not the "BRAWN". I had kill the guys pipe and doesn´t get the medal