Reviews for "Alice is Dead - Ep 3"


I'm confused by the ending. What were those flashbacks after rabbits death about? To be honest I'm as confused as Rabbit with everything ;p

ImpendingRiot responds:

I'll be putting up a comprehensive Q and A once everyone has had a decent change to play it.


this whie thing was a lie,wasnt it then? 10/10 as always even if its short, but i prefer a short game thats genious than a long halfassed game, but what about the cat i wanna know more about the cat!

Such a great job guys!

I love this series and this made an excellent addition. First of all, what an awesome team of artists, creators, etc. You all worked so well together. I loved the atmosphere, I loved all the hidden messages and inside jokes. The art was perfect and so was the music. Congrats good sirs and madams.

a second ending, and a missed oppertunity

first off from one artist of a medium to another I applaud you and your whole team.
okay...Now there was a perfect set up for two endings. The Rabbit has been presented as a hero and a villain superbly, but the only ending that exists is one that paints him in the memory loss stricken, curiosity driven hero. Their could have been one where he could equip the gun, shoot the queen, see the limo and killed Alice. Bam, turmoil and darkness, and a good end no matter what ending you chose. Not that I want to stifle your teams creative efforts, which are genius mind you, but what made your team decide on that ending exclusively? I ask from a purely curious standpoint and bear no ill will towards the decision, but I gotta ask. Great job nonetheless. A true masterpiece 5/10

The funny thing is i found an anagram.. "Alive Slice" and the solution is Alice Lives.. so maybe a fourth one? im hoping for it ^^