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Reviews for "Alice is Dead - Ep 3"

Loved the trilogy !

How can i explain... if the entire saga could be melded in just 1, it would be better i think, the last part was really well designed but the ending just came too quickly. I really doubt this is the end, i just played this again, and saw the "The End?" flashing %u0CA0%u06BA%u0CA0. 10 for the entire trilogy, 3 for stars for the part 3.


IF YOU HAVENT PLAYED.... so you just die at the end? no alternate ending? the game was great but if thats the only ending im a little upset by it

the ending of something mindblowing...

now see this is how a game should end. it doesnt all have to be about happy ending and what not. but anyways let me point out so many good things about this game series that u made it worth a 10 star. hell if there was a 11 star i would gladly give u that. the story gave it that eerie look along with that mind blowing puzzles on what happened. the music flowed so well with each episodes that it gave it that extra tweek into making it perfect. the graphics were mindblowing and the difficulty was rather modest. in very good ways. not to difficult but difficult enough to keep u on your toes.. excellent series and everything else the only sad thing about this is the fact that its over now.. but nonetheless this was epic in many ways good job!


Don't end the series here! Please! I beg you!
The games are so incredible!
You are NOT allowed to end it here!

Signed, All of Newgrounds.com (and me)

Truly incredible work done by the whole gang!

Great end to a Great series

great to finely see the end of the series. I loved the first, and second installments of these games. This one wasn't spectacular, but it was still good I feel. The lag was very annoying. I noticed it most when certain pieces of ambient music played. But i played through. I liked the ending. But there is still more to this series, following another character. Have one more game that pulls the pieces together in the end. Brings the story to a full close. call it like "Alice is Dead: Requiem" or something. Great job! can't wait to see more of this series, I hope, and more great work.

DO NOT READ PAST THIS UNTIL AFTER YOU PLAYED-------------------------------
Here are some things I figured out while playing the game, story wise. Maybe there wrong but im gonna post um here in case someone missed it. The daughter of Dr. Burr, is now that strange creature. Rabbit got to know her, then i believe he notes she disappeared in his journal. In the one video we hear his daughter run into whatever it is he is using to change things with oyster cloud. So i believe that weird creature in 2, and that appears on the fish ad in this one, is Burr's daughter. Who the Rabbit let out by pushing the button at the end of 2.
I believe the ghost texts, are simply from the Queen. The queen is leading rabbit to this trap, knowing he is a problem solver. He Sets up everything, to trap the Rabbit and get rid of him. The queen is, the queen, so had full access to all of this oyster cloud stuff.
Of course we find out more when you watch after the credits. That the Rabbit's friend, Ann, was hot on the Rabbit's trail the whole time, and has now killed the Queen in revenge. Perhaps she will go meet up with the hatter and plan there next step, since there coup is complete.