Reviews for "Alice is Dead - Ep 3"

Brilliant as ever. Lag was not much of a problem for me, and the game felt fulfilling. And, to sound like a broken record amongst everyone else and please forgive me for asking this for the 10098889th time, but are the rumors of a number 4 true?

There wasn't really much suspense and creepiness as the other two but worst of all, I couldn't finish the game because there was so much lag. I'm sure I'll be back to try it again though.

Soooooo much lag! I had to stop playing the game because it just wasn't wanting to work. :/

Good game but the ending was a disappointment for me. Mass build up to a lil poof of an ending :c Lagged alot. Good though

I see what you wanted to do here, but you failed to pull it through.

The first game was creepy, intriguing- and atmospheric. Perfection at it's core.
The second was too much action too suddenly, but still generally enjoyable and well put.
This one though, it's unforgivable. The plot just seemed to end up like Rabbit, and the surrealism of Wonderland just went out of the door. You took a world of imagination and creativity, and shriveled it up into a failed Breaking Bad episode.

I see what you wanted to do, you wanted to create a action-packed yet intriguing perspective on the characters, while giving it a grimy batman-esque feeling. But you didn't. The puzzles were also just bullcrap, the first two games had their moments, all point and clicks do, but this one? The dumpster? The drug-dealer? SERIOUSLY? The last puzzle was literal hell and took me out of any form of immersion I had.

The art was beautiful, the voice acting perfection, but the plot? Horrendous. This game is five years old, so I hope you improved since this. You really have promise, and I hope you've grown to become a better writer/programmer as time went on.

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