Reviews for "Alice is Dead - Ep 3"

I love this series. That song was very powerful too. Seems to be about seduction, manipulation, and hyptosis- errrr- hypnosis.

Too much Lag can't even get pass the first scene.

Im not geting the tapes

I loved the series up until this one. I cant even get far enough to play, because of the constant lag happening and just throws me away from continuing. Please fix this, because I would love to play and see what happens.

To all the fans of Alice Is Dead series, I got the answer from Hyptosis that will answer most of the questions that makes us wonder throughout the series. Here are the answers: Alice survived the fall, put a fake body in the hole to cover her tracks.(Alice Is Dead 3). Alice killed the queen.(Alice Is Dead 3) Alice is working for herself, since her boss, the queen, tried to have her killed. They used to work for the queen, but he betrayed them all. The Cheshire Cat (mutant cat that appear in Alice Is Dead 2) He(mushroom seller guy)found the tape.She(Alice) picked the lock on the car. He was in prison because guards arrested him (Alice Is Dead 2). The mystery person in the cheshire cat. Dr Burr's daughter fused with the cat. The bell does nothing, it is a symbol of his mortality. The Queen killed Burr. The Queen is Male.(Please see the message that says: Look out, Frank has a gun. Alice Is Dead 3). Note: Some of the answers I didn't specify for which series or characters as these answers could be the events that take place before the series(Disclaimer: These answers might not be the events that take place before the series as these answers might possibly appear in the series if you can find them.) You can pm(private message) Hyptosis if you have specific questions on Alice Is Dead series and don't forget to vote and support them! :D Have a good day to all the fans of Alice Is Dead series. :)