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Reviews for "Alice is Dead - Ep 3"

As a big fan of 'Alice in Wonderland', I have to say (after playing all three available episodes) that I was /not/ impressed. The first episode was the most interesting by far! However, I felt the game itself strayed FAR away from Alice in Wonderland and everything it represents as a mythical, fun and complicated story line. You tried to mash colorful, loopy and impossible with grimy cities, junkies and GUNS? It's easy to turn something happy into something creepy and sad- even horrific. (Take Alice: Madness Returns for example.)

I enjoyed the music, the illustrations and especially the art! But the plot? Improvised garbage. A waste of my time.

I wish this game was thought through a bit more. It had me sitting on the edge of my seat, and for what? A stale ending over an hour later.

No thanks.

I've played all 3 games and this took me longer than the previous parts. That damn secret was simple and yet it took me a while to figure how to do it. Overall it's kinda great.

This game doesn't actually live up to its name.

mostly as good as i remember, but one things still baffles me... how do i get/what is the secret medal??

If you go up to the door before getting the coin or brick, you're stuck and have to refresh the page and start over again.