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Reviews for "Alice is Dead - Ep 3"


I liked this, but it was way too short. I was expecting some EPIC long game because of the time it took to make this.
But don't get me wrong, I liked this, and the series a lot. I did notice how you put a question mark after "The End". Hopefully that means the story will continue, because there is so much left unanswered.


many funs....mnay funs indeed


Too short for an ending, feels like something's missing in it. But still, perfect scores!!


I finished and was like wtf? thats it? and then i read some reviews hoping to find an alternative ending, and then heard the rest of the ending. xD

A let down.

I cant believe this turned into the cliche gangster stand off, but without any gameplay during it... The voice acting was terrific and Hania has the voice of an angel however its not enough, for me, to make up for basically around 16 locations which of about only 10 have some significant clickable and basic puzzles. Theres only one character who you can interact with and all he does is sell you one measly thing (which you can do without) and give you the last piece of the puzzle just out of the blue. Also I was expecting the whole game to be a little more abstract since Alice in Wonderland is a story of melting your brain with drugs. For all the dark imagery that you created the lack of depth, the lack of any traits of the main character and the one-liner zinger finale basically made it pretty generic - killing a bit of its soul. I suggest a 4th part to tie it down better although I know thats probably not possible. In short the pluses are - art, music and voice acting, cons - gameplay, game length, the ending and the tiny amount of violence when I was hoping for a bloodbath.