Reviews for "Alice is Dead - Ep 3"

To be honest, I do like the game a lot, story was fun, it was interactive. Yes I do agree with it being fun and all, but it has way too much lag for the cursor to move. What could took me around 10 minutes to complete became 20 minutes in completing the game.

It was interesting and explanatory

Alice wasnt fucking dead !!!

Amazing. I wish this was going to continue, I love it so much. The music, storyline, and art is just enchanting
I also wish we could have seen more than just a glimpse of the Cheshire cat (assuming that's what was created between the little girl and the kitten) in both this game and Episode 2 (unless I'm delusional and that floating thing that we got a glimpse of through the hole in the wall was not, in fact, the creation). But I just like creepy things lol
Fantastic series

Best climax ever! But how do you access the medals Brain and Lucky Rabbit's Foot? I don't get it.