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Reviews for "Alice is Dead - Ep 3"

Truly an Amazing Series

Will there Possibly be a 4th? Perhaps some Means of Rabbits Revival or PLaying as Someone Different? I Hope So, Alice is Dead is an Incredible Series.

I liked the ending

Sure you get critics who don't like stuff like this, but I personally really liked the ending. It was... Poetic... In a way that fits Alice is Dead perfectly.


What the hell is wrong? Isn't there supposed to be a video tape after you exit the secret room??
Is it a glitch or something? Becuase every time, and I mean EVERY time, I enter the room, check the messages, exit, and look though the bathroom, there's no video tape. Can someone explain this?(Yes, I even watched a walkthrough, and I did everything that person did. But still no tape.)

Good game

But, once for all, THERE IS ONLY ONE ENDING and please stop to tell the ending in the reviews. Just understand it as you want or discuss it in another place, but it can ruin the whole game to someone who reads the reviews before playing, especially when you don't tell your review is a spoiler.

By the way, after the ending, watch carefully the "The end." at the very moment before it comes back to the main menu...

What the...???

bunny got bullet in his brain? this is it?? end of story? first one was best and this was worst.